2022 is established to be the year of shining brides. From brides who look radiant to the ones who have a smile on their faces, happy women will make the prettiest brides this season. Faultless skin that looks brilliant and lit from inside with unpretentious shimmering eye makeup, flushed cheeks and pink nude glossy lips. This look is elegant and beautiful. Master tip – Dewy skin is best for making delicate concentration and not making additional sparkle that might give flashbacks in pictures.

Subtle smoke

Traditional bronze smokey eye shadow with kohl-rimmed eyes and red lips is cosmetics that is eternal for all ladies. Metallic bronze eye shadows function admirably for all Indian complexions and mix well with Indian weaved lehengas. Red lips are as yet a #1 among ladies and are one of the basics for each wedding linen.

The intense smokey

Adjusting innovation with custom, this makeup look is for the strong Indian lady. Dark matte brown smokey eye shadow and thick kohl-rimmed eyes shaped cheeks with a pop of cheek tone.


if eyes are the focus, keep the lips soft, muted and matte. Select a bronze gold for the eye makeup that flatters the shade of gold in your lehenga and jewelry. The blush and lip color should be in-sync with each other to bring together a look with the intense smokey eyes perfect for the contemporary modern bride.