Consistently, a huge number of new trends emerge on the internet, and this year will be no exception. With the post-pandemic period going full bore, merry and unique looks are getting back in the saddle.

Word on the road is that 2022 will be an extended period of limits, with the no cosmetics look existing together with the additional strong and vivid ones. With regular skin surfaces acquiring popularity, primers and highlighters are being replaced by the natural glow of healthy skin for that new and lively look.

Makeup trends that will be at the top in 2022:

The metallic glow

The current year’s feature will be the classic shimmer look with colour eyeshadow, glitter, and reverse winged liner. Since makeup is tied in with having a good time, you can keep it glittery just on your eyes or spill a few all the rage with a glossy lip.

Smokey eyes

This year, eyes will be the focal point of attraction, and smokey eyes with browns will keep on flourishing. If you have any desire to try something else, add a touch of graphic liner to your eyes. 

Peach princess look

Pastel shades with a glossy silk finish have an alternate fan base. This look includes delicate glossy silk finish skin, expressive eyes and a winged liner.